Horsley Medical Practice

The Medical Centre, Kingston Avenue, East Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6QT

Nurse Practitioner


Our Nurse Practitioner is a highly trained prescribing clinician. She has training and qualifications which enables her to diagnose, treat and prescribe for the following conditions:

Minor illness
Ear pain/discharge, acute cough, cold and flu symptoms, new onset of throat/mouth symptoms (tonsillitis, thrush, etc) new onset of eye symptoms, e.g. conjunctivitis, cystitis, new urinary symptoms, acute wound infections/cellulitis, viral illness, sinusitis, new onset dizziness/vertigo, new onset of abdominal pain, new onset of headache, mild anxiety/depression.

Minor Ailment
Hay fever, insect bites and stings, rashes, including impetigo and scabies, eczema/dermatitis (acute), fungal skin infections, allergies, e.g. rashes, hay fever etc, emergency contraception, worms, head lice, acute breast symptoms, nail infections, diarrhea and vomiting, acute constipation.

Minor Injury
Acute back pain, any minor injury to limbs, neck pain (new onset), wounds, animal/human bites, minor cuts and arasions, minor burns and scalds including sunburn, minor head injury (no loss of consciousness). This list is not exhaustive
OUR NURSE PRACTITIONER CAN PRESCRIBE and can also carry out repeat prescription requests.

Please note: only one condition per consultation!