Horsley Medical Practice

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Shingles Vaccination available for 70, 71, 72, 73, 78 & 79 year olds

If you were born on or between:02/09/1942 to 01/09/1945; 02/09/1936 to 01/09/1937 or 02/09/1937 to 01/09/1938 or 2/9/1945 to 1/9/1946 and have not had a shingles vaccination please call the surgery and make an appointment with the nurse for your Shingles Vaccination.  Until 1 September 2017   people born between the dates above are eligible for a free Shingles Vaccination.

Patients aged 79 on 1st September 2016 lose their eligibility the day of their 80th birthday.

Shingles is uncomfortable and for some people can be very painful and last a long time so book an appointment with the nurse if you are eligible for the free Shingle Vaccination.

Porcine gelatine an ingredient   in some vaccines and one of these  is the  Shingles  vaccine.   For more information on porcine gelatine please click on link: